Sunday, February 22, 2009

Lana's Birthday

Before I got up this morning, I planned on what to publish about Lana's birthday. Lo and behold when I signed in, Lacy had already posted about her birthday and it was very similar to what I was going to say. But............I'm going to do mine anyway.
Yesterday was my first-born's birthday and I won't say how old she is. But I will say that for the past 51 years, she has brought nothing but joy to our family. She was the "almost perfect" teenager, never coming home late and sometimes even before curfew. She was a twirler in high school (she even twirls fire) and went off to Hardin-Simmons for a short while. She came home and worked around town for a while before they married. After moving to Childress she taught dance and twirling for 6 years. I loved her recitals. Her kids and grands are the joy of her life as is Tony. She worked as aide in CHS for several years, then went back to get her degree and went on to master her masters. She is a very good counseler in Chillicothe as she is kind, soft spoken and understanding.
I made a cake for her yesterday, but she was gone to WF so I guess she'll get it today. Those of you who know her, know that this is all true and what a wonderful person she is. It's not too late to wish her a happy birthday.
"The doors of opportunity are labeled.....Push and Pull"
Huggin' Honeyma signing off until next time.


Lacy said...

Lol...I beat you to the punch. But yours was really good!!!

Lana said...

Thanks for the post. That was nice. But you told my age and Lacy put a picture.....oh, well!!