Sunday, September 28, 2008


Well, Lana came over this afternoon to show me how to get pretty stuff on my blog. you see any. I had no idea she would put my name on her list. Bummer................please don't read until I learn how to do all this stuff. I FINALLY learned the how-to's on my myspace(actually, I'm quite good) and love doing that. At one time I tho't I might be the oldest myspacer on the net, but then I found Larry King's. I will blog just as soon as I can get some decorations on here. Isn't this the plainest thing you ever saw?

I love reading all the blogs and my writings will certainly be different than your interesting ones. But after all, I have 71 years behind me and I'm just getting ready to live life.

I love my sorority sisters so much and we have great fun. This is a picture of our first meeting this year. Lila Hoobler was the only one absent and we have a new member coming in next month. Yea!!!