Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I have never been one to be superstitious. You are always told not to continue on if a black cat crosses your path............doesn't bother me at all. Friday the 13th is just another good day to me. I am a little nervous when I break a mirror, but only because I fear cutting myself while cleaning it up. However, I won't walk under an open ladder because it's not that far around it. I've always heard that the sighting of a white dove meant a death. I never thought much about this as I see a lot of doves. One morning as I was standing at the kitchen sink looking out to the front yard......there sitting on the lawn was a white dove..... not a gray dove as we usually see, but a solid white, snow white, completely white dove all alone sitting on the grass. I just watched as it stayed there for possibly 30 seconds. The thought of the old superstition that it meant death quickly crossed my mind but was dismissed and I went about my business. The next evening, I got the call that my sister had passed away.