Sunday, August 16, 2009

In the twinkling of an eye..........Summer's gone!!!

This has been the shortest summer ever. Things have gone well and I don't think we suffered any unfortunate events other than a couple of really strong winds.... winds which blew my fence over and the basketball goal, but the rain was great. We did have a few cooler days, but it has been or maybe it's just me. All of the work I had planned to get done is still waiting. And if I don't get it done, oh well.

This is somewhat of a sad time as Calor is in his last year in Jr. High. Ethan is in his first year of Jr. High and Kara starts to nursery school. Carli has this year and next and she's out. Having raised 4 kids, I know that when they reach high school, they are out in a couple of days..........seems like. The years pass so quickly. Please all you young people savor every second you have with your children. Stop and listen to the laughter of your children in the walls of your home. I miss those days, but treasure every moment I can with my grandchildren. They are such a blessing. My daily prayer is that all my kids, grands and greats will serve the Lord, do good things and be thankful for their many, many blessings.

"Life can only be understood by looking backward, but it must be lived by looking forward."