Sunday, September 28, 2008


Well, Lana came over this afternoon to show me how to get pretty stuff on my blog. you see any. I had no idea she would put my name on her list. Bummer................please don't read until I learn how to do all this stuff. I FINALLY learned the how-to's on my myspace(actually, I'm quite good) and love doing that. At one time I tho't I might be the oldest myspacer on the net, but then I found Larry King's. I will blog just as soon as I can get some decorations on here. Isn't this the plainest thing you ever saw?

I love reading all the blogs and my writings will certainly be different than your interesting ones. But after all, I have 71 years behind me and I'm just getting ready to live life.

I love my sorority sisters so much and we have great fun. This is a picture of our first meeting this year. Lila Hoobler was the only one absent and we have a new member coming in next month. Yea!!!


Lana said...

The cutest blog on the block is up now, but they changed the directions on how to get a background. So I told you wrong, but I'll come over sometime and show you how, or you could just read the tells you step by step.

Anonymous said...

AWESOME...welcome to the addicting world of blogging