Tuesday, February 3, 2009

25 Random things about me

1. I am crazy about my grandkids. They make me proud.

2. I will be 72 on my birthday, March 20........bring presents.

3. Most of my mother's side of the family lived to their mid 90's.

4. I stay home most of the time, now.

5. I love my computer even tho I don't understand everything. Just ask my kids.

6. I was very shy in high school. Believe that if you want to.

7. I went to school with Hoyt Axton and his mother was my English teacher (she wrote "Heartbreak Hotel" for Elvis presley, you know.

8. I went to North Texas University for ONE year

9. I worked in the district office of the WTU company for one year.

10. I lived in Florida for a while after we married as Don was in the Air Force.

11. Lana was born in Roswell, NM

12. My other three kids were born in Wellington.

13. I graduated Childress high school..........MANY years ago.

14. I had pneumonia when I was in the first grade and missed the last 6 weeks of school. I knocked on Heaven's gate and St. Peter wouldn't let me in. Whew!!!!!

15. I have lost 5 of my best friends, so it may not be safe to be my friend. I still miss them.

16. I sang in a quartet in high school.......the Harmonettes. The other girls couldn't sing a lick................and I didn't even sing that well. But oh, we had fun

17. Not a single one of my grandkids was named after me.

18. I never knew my biological father or even saw his picture.

19. I used to french braid Lacy's long black hair for Kindergarten everyday.

20. I eat Reese's cookies with a glass of milk every night at 8:00 PM

21. I sold shoes for 22 years, but have sorta retired now and stay home with Kara.

22. I went on the wheat harvest with the Lacy Custom Combining and cooked one year for about 20 people. Hated that. You couldn't fill that young boys up with a shovel.

23. My second son was born quickly........I was in labor 59 minutes. That's the way to do it.

24. I can text on my cell

25. In April, we will have been married for 52 years!

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Lana said...

Amen to #5!! And for everyone one else....#20 is not just at 8..but exactly at 8....she stops everything when the clock hits 8.