Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Water, Water everywhere...........

What a day last Monday was. I went to Floydada with Lori to see Calor's basketball game. (we won 37-33). We got home around 9:00 PM. As a rule, I usually eat my three Reese's cookies and a glass of milk at 8:00 but tonight................9:00. I was all set to watch a new episode of my favorite CSI Miami and had my milk and cookies. When the commercial came on, I got up to take my glass to the kitchen and lo and behold when I got around Don's chair, I was faced with a .......FLOOD!!!!!!!!!. Linda had put a load of clothes in to wash and in the short time I had my cookies, the washer did not cut off and the water kept coming in. My kitchen mats and utility room mats were floating around, the carpet was sopping and me...........well, I didn't know what to do. I did have the wherewithall to turn off the washer. Linda came in and we started putting all the towels in the house down, foolishly thinking that they would soak up 2 inches of water in 3 rooms. We called Lori and she bro't the wet vac from the South Plains and we vacuumed, swept, wadded.............whew.....hard work.
My three year old grandaughter came in, stopped, looked at all the water and said"damn it". I promise I do not know where she heard that. Anyway we finally got the water off the linoleum and got fans for the carpet. They are still running today (Wednesday). The carpet is damp and smells bad, but sooner or later it will dry up. One good thing, tho, we had decided earlier to have our Thanksgiving dinner at the South Plains. Now, how nice will that be to not have to worry about keeping the kids out of the fans and off the wet floor. Isn't the Lord good! I wish everyone the best Thanksgiving ever and hope you are as blessed as my family.

"The weather may be abominable, te skies may be cloudy and murky, but everybody will have a good time..............everybody, that is, but the TURKEY."

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Lacy said...

Well...I especially like the part about the 3 year old, and I would've loved to have heard