Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Please excuse the Thanksgiving theme. I'll get a Christmas one on as soon as I can. We had a marvelous Thanksgiving out at the South Plains Co-Op this year. We had more room and the kids played Wii and we watched old movies..........by old, I mean when Lana was little. It was a marvelous day and way too much to eat.
We will be celebrating Christmas at our house again this year. We're a little crowded, but being a close family, we don't mind. We just have the usual Turkey and dressing fare and love it as much as we did on Thanksgiving. I'd prefer not to have gifts, but we always do. And it is ok as long as we remember that we are celebrating Jesus Christ's birthday. Let 's all remember to give praise and glory to the Lord for our blessings........blessings for which we are so undeserving. Don't forget our service men protecting our freedom. They will miss being with their families and will be sad for the kids. I pray for their safe return. My prayers go out to the families that have lost loved ones. This will be an especially had Christmas for all of them. There are three families that are on my heart.
My life is so good. My three year old grandaughter told me today I was old. I said "no I'm not." and she said..............."my momma said you are".

Being old is not bad...........it is being perceived as old that is bad. Until next time, love you all. Remember me as the "Hugging Honeyma"


a cowgirl at heart said...

Hi Carli's Honeyma!

I would be glad to help you with your blog! I think I can safely admit now that it is one of my passions and I love helping people and knowing they are enjoying themselves! So, I am busy Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights most weeks, but Thursday and Fridays I'm usually available. You could come to my house, or I can come to you, or you can meet me at school; whatever is most convenient for you I'm sure I can manage.

I have to brag on your granddaughter for a minute! I just LOVE having Carli in class. She makes me laugh and I know she has such a good heart! She is one special young lady. Don't tell her, but I keep my eye on her in the hallways to make sure she's up to only good and not hanging out with any boys I wouldn't approve of! ;)

Amanda KP said...

love your post!! i LOVE the holidays!!! i like how the whole world seems to pause--even if for just a second--to remember CHRIST!

Lacy said...

I can't imagine anyone's momma saying you are old...how dare she!
Don't feel bad I don't really know how to change my background to anything cool on my blog...I haven't spent any time trying to figure it out...so once you learn, you can teach me. ttyl!