Thursday, November 20, 2008


Why is it that I can think of so many great things to post until I sit down at the computer!!!!! I don't get out a lot, but do love to go to kids' ballgames. Isn't it great that the Bobcats are in the playoffs. It's way too cold for me to attend, but we listen on the radio. I love it that the JV cheerleaders get to cheer at the playoff games. It looks so great to see all of them running in front of the football players, waving their pom poms. Tears always fill my eyes when they play the national anthem...........anywhere. Our band is so good this year. Of course we miss Conor playing, but, he's having a wonderful time at WTAM.

We are looking forward to Lacy's baby in 5th great grand. Guess we will put off our spring break trip to Las Vegas this year until a later time. I had so much fun last year and need to go back and get the money that I left.

I did not vote for Obama, but will support him all the way. We must stick together as a nation. When I was growing up , so many years ago, there was never a bad word said or any fun made of the president. I believe that it should still be this way. Somehow the TV and computer age has changed all that.

I promise to have something more interesting next time. .... and perhaps some decoration of some sort.

"If you meet me and forget about me
you have lost nothing of value.
If you meet Jesus Christ and forget about Him
you have lost everything of value


Lana said...

What?????? You know how to post now?????????????I'm shocked!!!! I knew it was there all the time....just don't forget where.

Lacy said...

Well...yall can go to Vegas without me this time...I won't mind, I'm sure I won't even notice...I will be kind of busy...haha.

Good job on the blogging, see it's not so hard after all!