Saturday, May 16, 2009

My trip to the "Falls"

Now I'm talking Wichita Falls, not Niagiara (bummer!) Don was scheduled for an angiogram on his kidneys Thursday morning. I believed this to be a day surgery procedure, WRONG! His #'s were too high on his blood tests for them to be able to inject the dye for the tests. So, for 24 hours they ran fluids thru him to flush the kidneys. I found a nice place, Rathgeber House, just across the street(actually a block away) to stay and the hospital provided shuttle service to and from the hospital. How nice is that! So while he was just getting the fluids, Lacy came and picked me up and we went to Mall and to Target for a Starbucks. Yummy!! Jacob was such a good baby all the time we were out. Ok, now she took me to my nice room and I relaxed and watched TV. The place I stayed is sort of a hidden gem. You have to know about it and I wouldn't have, but some nice ladies I shared a table with in the waiting room told me about it. Thank you ladies from Henrietta and Jolly. The room was quite comfy. Next morning at 7:30 I was at the hospital thinking that Don would be first for the testing since he was already there. Well, finally at 2:00 PM they took him in to do their thing. Bad news, the nurse came out and said arteries were blocked and would have to put in stents and would be another hour or so. This was at 3:00. Hour or so my foot......they bro't him back to the room at 9:00 Pm. So I was in the hospital for 13 hours......13 HOURS. Waiting rooms are tiring, but I am a people watcher and entertained myself that way (I also read a book.."A little bit wicked" by Kristin Chenoweth). You know people and cell phones are really a pain. One man was on his and telling someone all about a family members surgery.........ALL about it. Another lady (loud talker) was just visiting with her friends and let me tell you I know everything about the day the high school kids in one Wichita school wore bandanas to school. Apparently that is not allowed. I know what the principal told the kids , how many parents he called and what he said and from what i got from her conversations, they got to wear them all day anyway. My care factor was in the negative. Then in the cafeteria (they really have good food) I began to watch the senior citizens come in and eat. Didja ever notice that all old people look alike, get around alike and the married ones look like each other.They all do the same things at the table, they all have on the same kind of clothes, and they all eat the same things. I am so glad I am not old. ok Now back to Don. I went to my room after he was ok and collapsed. I was so tired I never heard the thunder or saw the lightning.......never woke up. I was back at the hospital by 8:00 this morning and he was going to be dismissed, so I again called my shuttle service for one more ride back to Rathgeber house. I packed up my things and went back to get Don. I parked right by a sign that said "NO parking or leaving car unattended". I ignored that and went it. 30 minutes later we came out and my car was still there. PTL. See, this is an event for me since I don't get out much. It rained all the way from WF to Quanah. Home is the best place to be.
When I left the Rathgeber House, I took the little rock (wrapped in pretty fabric) with this poem attached. Maybe I was supposed to leave it, but I wanted it.
I'm your little prayer rock and this is what I'll do.
Just put me on your pillow 'til the day is through.
Then turn back the covers and climb into your bed, and whack!
Your little prayer rock will bump you on the head.
Then you will remember as the day is through.
To kneel and say your prayers as you intended to do.
Then when you are finished dump me on the floor.
I'll stay there through the nightime to give you help once more.
When you get up next morning, clunk! I stub your toe,
so that you will remember Your prayers before you go.
Put me back upon your pillow when your bed is made,
and your clever little prayer rock will continue in your aid.
Because your Heavenly Father cares and loves you so,
He wants you to remember to talk to Him, you know.



That prayer rock and poem is so neat. Did they have that for you at the place you stayed? Glad to know Don made it through everything ok.

madly59 said...

Honeyma, Loved reading your blog. GLad to know that your DH is doing well. I work at the URHCS Hospital that you were at. I also volunteer at the RATH House. Just wanted to drop a line to say hello and to introduce myself. ER NURSE madly59 I live in WICHITA FALLS and sometimes wish it was Niagra Falls! I am now following you on twitter and subscribed to your blog!