Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My opinion........what it's worth

Did you ever wonder why some people think that your beliefs, if different from theirs, are WRONG. I've run into several people who are very firm in their beliefs and won't give an inch to anyone elses. I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and don't understand why some don't, but God gives us all a mind to decide. I have family members who are dyed in the wool democrats and some who are republicans. I see no need to get in an argument over religion or politics. Take your belief and let them have theirs. Some of my friends won't even look at a gay person. While I am against this lifestyle, I will not condemn them for this..............God is the only one in a position to judge. However if given the chance to tell a non-believer about Jesus Christ, I believe we should do this. As for political parties..........my opinion on that is that if you are a really good, Christian, moral person, then you have no business in high government and why would you run for President!!!!!! Have you seen how much they age while in office!

And another thing...............kids don't NEED everything they want. There will be a day, perhaps, when that ends and they will not cope well. I always wanted my kids and grandkids to work for what they have............so far they have worked. They don't realize that kids used to have to pick cotton, hoe cotton, and do all kinds of chores. Life is easier now in respect of chores and housework, and people are less content. They have more and enjoy it less.

I have gobs more complaints (or opinions) but I'd better stop here. This is probably going to offend some.

"The Lord gave us two ends-one to sit on and the other to think with. Success depends on which one we use the most." And since I'm sitting here, I'd best get up and get busy.

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Amanda KP said...

amen, sister!! :)

love this post...especially the quote at the end--and your response!! :)