Saturday, June 13, 2009


I actually did eat at Woolworth's............loved it.
I actually washed on a wringer machine like this a time or two. HARD WORK!!!!!

I actually got spankings like this as a child

I actually wore big petticoats like this in high school and college

I actually wore these in gym class. It was popular to have everybody sign them

I actually sat under a dryer like this every week at the "beauty shop".

I actually went with a guy who had "duck tails" like these

I actually had a swimsuit like the number 2........did NOT look that good

I actually had a camera like this...........still do... Brownie

I actually had a television set that looked a lot like this............

I actually went to 3-D movies whenever they were showing

I actually went to drive-in movies like this every week.