Sunday, March 1, 2009

My trip to Ft. Worth for lunch!!!!!!!

Last Friday, 6 of my sorority sisters and I went to Ft. Worth to have lunch with Dory Dugan. They live in the nicest place there in down town Ft. Worth. We ate lunch at the Women's Club in Down Town and were thrilled to have Yanci ( Yarbrough)

join us. We had a marvelous lunch, and the best time ever. After lunch we let Yanci take Dory back to her place and we left for home. We stopped in Decatur to see Shada and Trevor Brazille. Man what a spread they have. It was a gorgeous home and Shada was very cordial. She served us coffee, tea and cookies. Sherry and her husband were there and what a marvelous person he is. I can't even explain what fun we had. I'm ready to go back.

Of course the ride down there and back was way too much fun. You'd never believe that some golden girls like us could have more fun than a bunch of teenagers. We went in Judy Smith's van, with Barbara Currie driving. The other going were Dianne Clifton, Lavillas Smith, Lila Hoobler, Mary Watts and By the time we got back to Quanah, we were so exhausted from laughing and talking all day we said very little. Then........we turned on the radio and the Childress game was tied up. So of course we listened and were so disappointed they the Bobcats didn't win.

We planned some more trips on the way home, because friends need to be together more.

"Choose your friends like you do a spouse.................till death separates you."


Ginger said...

What a fun day! I bet you ladies had a lot of fun! Do you have the same policy as Vegas?? What is said in the van, stays in the van?? :) I think it is wonderful that you can get out and go with your friends like that. We all need to do that from time to time to keep our sanity!

I love your quote about friends. So very true!

Amanda KP said...

oh i love it!!! so glad y'all had such a great day!!! look forward to hearing more stories like this!! :)