Thursday, March 26, 2009


I am so disturbed! Theives, thugs, no-goods, etc. broke into our shoe store last night and wrecked havoc. We estimate that they got away with about $1100.00 shoes, boots, money. It could have been worse. But why did they think it necessary to throw all the drawers and files on the floor, break the cash register, and ruin the back door. Police said it took them a long time to get our steel door open. They also robbed and vandalized the Nail shop and Cleaners. I am hoping they catch them and they have to PAY. If anyone tries to sell you any Hi-Tech Magnum boots without a box or some in a box, or some Nike Shox.........please question them (if it's someone you don't know). The Nail Shop was a huge mess with nail stuff all over the floor, but I didn't see the Cleaners. For some reason, they passed by the liquor store, probably because of the alarms and cameras.
"If you can learn to laugh in spite of the circumstances that surround you, you will enrich others, enrich yourself, and than that, you will last."


Amanda KP said...

oh man!!! i really hope they find them!!!! sorry to hear about this!!!!

Lacy said...

That is horrible!! Some people are so hateful!!! I hope they find the idiots who did it!!!! :(

jerriann said...

Hi, I popped over from A Cowgirl At Heart, I am so sorry for what has happened to your store. I hope they catch the idiots, I agree with both comments above, some people are full of hate and just don't know how to behave.