Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Little Sadness and a lot of Thankfulness

I am sure by now all of you have heard about the horrific fire in Wheeler, Tx. If you read the Amarillo paper and listened to the TV stations, then you have probably heard the name Tammy and Bret Moore. She is my neice's daughter, thus my great neice. They lost everything they had except the clothes on their back. Their son, Braden had made a cross in shop class and it still stands in the front yard. A gentle reminder of the One who is watching over us. We are saddened by their loss, but oh so grateful for their safety. They were at a track meet in Canadian and when they were called to come back, but couldn't get into Wheeler because of the closed roads. Can you imagine the feeling when they did get to their place and saw nothing of their house but the foundation. Three nice vehicles demolished and the kids 4-H show goats and all the home videos............too many to list. But they can replace the house,furniture, cars, clothes, out buildings, even the goats, but will have to rely on their memory for the events that were recorded of their family.
My sister, Neva, (Tammy's grandmother ) is in the rest home in Wheeler and they were unable to evacuate them because of the heavy smoke and wind. She has emphasemia and certainly could not stand the smoke. She is safe and took it well. She always has great attitude and blooms where she's planted.

When Tammy's house is rebuilt, they can start recording, again, new memories, the old ones forever embedded in their minds and hearts. Please, people be thankful for all your blessings. Tammy and Bret were spared their lives and their pain will ease. All the things that money can't buy are the only important ones anyway.

And remember "The best things in life..............are not things."


Amanda KP said...

I have been so sad for Tammy and her family--I knew her when I lived in Wheeler, but did not know that she was kin to you!! I will continue to pray for them!!

granny f said...

It really is a small world - my son & his family lived in Wheeler & are very close to Tammy and her family (Jim was with Braden when he broke his leg on the trampoline!).
Our prayers continue for all of them.