Sunday, March 30, 2014

How swift the days ....a condensed version.

Seems I last blogged late in January 2012.  So very much has happened since then, I'll just do a condensed version of happenings.

On February 3 of this year (2012)I fell at a basketball game...........sprained my left ankle and broke my right knee cap. It was unpleasant to say the very least. I was in a groin-to-thigh cast on right leg and air cast on left ankle.

Again on March 20, I broke my back......well, it was vertebrae fracture but hurt so  much for about a month or so.

In May of 2012 My husband, Don, was flown to an Amarillo Hospital for what we thought would be a quick recovery.  He was there for a month and on April 26, he passed away in the ambulance on the way back to our home town. My life after 55 years of marriage was going to be different.  Believing that one should bloom where they are planted, I immediately started to do all the things that I had never done before.  You know, like paying bills, seeing about the taxes, etc.  My son who had run the store for us was a huge help to me.
Then there was a three week case of bronchitis that kept me down. Nothing too bad for the rest of the time.

In August, after strong feeling about it, I decided to close our  shoe store of 27 years.  My son had not been feeling well, so I knew now was the time.  We had two weeks of selling and getting stuff moved out before our lease was up.  On August 31, 2013, we locked the door for the last time and walked away.  Rather a sad moment for us...............kinda like losing a member of the family.  A week later my son went to Dr. to see what was making him so very tired.  They sent him immediately to Amarillo and wasn't but short while before they found the colon cancer.  After two weeks in hospital, he started on his chemo.  He is still taking the chemo, but seems to be doing pretty well.

In January of this year (2014) Our family blessed with a beautiful baby girl.  She was my 7th great grandchild.  I have 7 grandchildren and in March I was 77 years old.  I'd say my lucky number is 7!!!  

Another event was my oldest daughter moved to a different school about 100 miles away.  She is counselor for K-12 and loving it.  Her husband had moved out there for his job last year.  So glad they are together and having such a good time.  My middle daughter is running for county/district clerk here in this town.  There is a run-off in May for the top two.  My youngest daughter started working for a different bank and seems pleased where she is.  I have a grandson graduating High School, in May and his older brother graduating in December from college with a mechanical engineering degree. I am extremely proud of ALL 7 of my grands. 

"We need four hugs a day for survival.  We need eight hugs a day for maintenance. We need twelve hugs a day for growth." 

Hugging Honeyma signing off.......


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